HOLY ENERGY® - the true alternative to energy drinks.


Fruit explosion with juicy peach & sweet apricot. Get 50 servings of our Peach Panther – no sugar, no taurine & no artificial flavors. 🤩

What makes HOLY® amazing 👉

100% natural flavors

Real focus with NewCaffTM

0 sugar, 0 bullshit

14 vitamins & nootropics

Sustainable & vegan

0,80€ per portion

How to prepare 👉

One HOLY tub is equivalent to 75 RedBull cans. Hustle free & without deposit. Easily prepared in a flash:

7g HOLY avec 500ml d'eau.

Ajouter des glaçons & sécouer.

Savourer !

Other flavors 👉

Strawberry Shark

Citrus Cobra

Tropical Tiger

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Mana Buff for your gaming sessions thanks to our innovative formula with NewCaffTM, green tea extract and 14 nootropics & vitamins.


More fruits than Fruit Ninja. Explosive taste like never before with100% natural flavors & colors.


Doesn't make you fly but also doesn't let you (sugar-)crash. 0 sugar, 0 taurine and less than 4 calories per 100ml.


50 drinks per tub. Vegan & made in Germany - sustainable packaging & reusable shaker.


Hey ! We are Philipp, Fredi & Matze. 👋

Energy Drinks are often unhealthy & not suitable for your gaming sessions. We founded HOLY to make things better.

Our promise is simple: awesome product + awesome service = HOLY. Convince yourself now & become part of the energy revolution! 🚀


What is HOLY Energy?

HOLY is the first real alternative to unhealthy energy drinks. Our product combines awesome taste with real focus – without any bullshit like sugar, taurine or artificial flavors.

We are a young Berlin-based startup that has only been on the market since May 2021 but wants to aim high together with the HOLY Squad. Learn more about HOLY on our website or contact us via email.

Why is HOLY made for gamers?

Unlike regular Energy drinks, HOLY offers you a calm, long-lasting foucs for your gaming sessions – with amazing taste and without sugar, taurine & other bullshit.

Our innovative formula based on NewCaffTM & 14 other active ingredients is of course also suitable for work, study sessions, sports, or long car rides.

Is HOLY healthy?

HOLY not only tastes better than energy drinks, it is also significantly healthier. As part of our development process, we replaced unnecessary ingredients with valuable vitamins and nootropics. Here are three highlights:

- No bullshit : No sugar, no taurine, no artificial flavors. Plus, only 4 calories & no deceptive substances like maltodextrin.

- Vitamin bomb : In addition to the innovative NewCaff, HOLY offers you no less than 14 vitamins & nootropics for optimal performance.

- Natural taste : HOLY contains 100% natural flavors. Even the colors are natural (e.g. red beet in Raptor).

Nevertheless, too much caffeine per day is not good for your health. Therefore, we ask you to respect our consumption recommendation. The product is not suitable for children and pregnant women.

What distinguishes HOLY from other energy drinks?

It depends somewhat on the exact energy drink, but here are some points that HOLY often has ahead of conventional energy drinks:

- No bullshit : 0 sugar, 0 taurine and only 4 calories per 100ml. No unnecessary fillers and no artificial flavors.

- Awesome taste : 100% natural flavors & colors result in an unforgettable fruit taste. Delicious like a soft drink but without the guilt.

-Real focus : HOLY usus NewCaffTM for long-lasting focus without jitters. Plus, our drink contains 14+ active ingredients like vitamins & nootropics.

- Much more : with 0,80€ per drink, HOLY is much cheaper than many energy drinks. In addition, our product is sustainable: from one tub of HOLY you get 75 cans of RedBull (25L).

What distinguishes HOLY from other gaming boosters?

We founded HOLY because we were disappointed with existing products. After a long development HOLY is clearly superior in taste & ingredients.Some highlights are:

- Premium ingredients: our ingredients are clearly superior and included in relevant quantities. Many competitors only add small amounts to save costs in production. Our roduct is vegan and made in Germany.

- Use of NewCaffTM: our microcapsulated caffeine gives you a calm, constant push – without nervousness & co. This effect is supported by 14 other active ingredients like green tea extract & acetyl-L-carnitine.

- Superior taste:  we use 100% natural fruit flavors & colors for a refreshing and fruity taste. We promise you will be surprised how close HOLY is to real fruit.

- Much more: excellent service, sustainable packaging & fast shipping. At HOLY, the customer is king. Join the HOLY Squad, the coolest energy lover community in Europe.

Ingredients & Recommendations

Food supplement with L-tyrosine, choline, L-carnitine, caffeine and plant extracts, with sweetners. Increased caffeine content. Not recommended for children and pregnant women (160mg per serving).

Ingredients :acidulants (citric acid, malic acid), L-tyrosine, natural flavor; coloring food (beet extract), inulin, choline bitartrate (LipoCholine), green tea extract powder (contrains L-theanine), ginseng root extract, N-acetyl-L-carnitine hydrochloride, microencapsulated caffeine (NewCaff), natural caffeine, sweetners (acesulfame K, sucralose), sodium citrate, inositol, L-ascorbic acid, anti-caking agent (silicon dioxide), piperine, nicotinamide, calcium D pantothenate, riboflavin, pyridoxine hydrochloride, cholecalciferol, cyanocobalamin.

Remarques :contains caffeine (160mg per serving). Do not exceed daily serving size (7g). Not suitable for children, pregnant or nursing women. Do not use as a substitute for a balanced and varied diet and healthy lifestyle. Store out of reach of young children. Store at room temperature (up to 21 degrees), dry and protected from sunlight. Shelf life unopened at least until end: see bottom of can. Once opened, comsume quickly. Taste: 100% natural flavors with raspberry and a hint of yuzu. Directions: mix 1x scoop (7g) with 500ml of water. Net quantity 350 grams.

One can contains 350 grams of powder - 11,43€ / 100g

Vegan & 100% made in Germany

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